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We offer a wide range of Home Health assistance, to help you or a loved one remain home as a viable option to Institutional care
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Companion Homemakers

Homemaker Services

Homemakers offer direct and practical assistance consisting of household tasks and related activities. Homemaker services assist the individual to remain in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Homemaker service is provided when an individual is unable to meet these needs or when an informal caregiver is unable to meet these needs for an individual.


Primary Duties include:

  • Provide housekeeping tasks which may include

    • Dusting

    • Cleaning Floors

    • Cleaning the Kitchen

    • Maintaining a clean bathroom

    • Laundering of clothes and linen in home or Laundromat

    • Remove trash from the home

  • Provide assistance with meals/ nutrition

  • Run essential errands for the client

    • grocery shopping

    • household supply shopping

    • prescription pick-up

  • Assist with correspondence and bill pay, limited to addressing envelopes, and taking to the mail box.

  • Provide companionship, using activities to keep the client actively engaged, such as board games, crossword puzzles, puzzles. etc...


Homemakers are not permitted by regulations to provide any hands-on personal care or assistance, or any activities that must be provided by a licensed health professional. Homemakers are not permitted to provide homemaker services to members of the household who are not our clients and services may not be rendered while the client is away from the home.


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