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We offer a wide range of assistance, to help you or a loved one  remain at home as a viable option to Institutional care
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Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides

Home health aides perform personal care services and companionship

for individuals, who because of age or infirmity, are unable to care for

themselves. Such services may include light household work related

to the care of the individuals such as bed making, laundry services, and

other services  specifically related to the individual receiving care.


Primary Duties may include:

  •  use of appropriate and safe techniques in assisting personal hygiene and grooming for the clients that may include:

    • Bath, Shower, Bed bath, and sponge bath

    • Shampoo- tub, shower, sink

    • Nail and skin care

    • Oral hygiene

    • Safe transfer techniques and ambulation

    • Normal range of motion

    • Meal preparation, including adequate nutrition and fluid intake; measure and record intake and output of fluids, as well as assistance with feeding.

    • Medication assistance per policy

  • Reading and Recording pulse, temperature, and respiration

  • Recognize emergencies and Knowledge of emergency procedures

  • Observe, report and document client status, and care/services furnished

  • Observe appearance and medically significant changes in the client and promptly reporting to the Registered Nurse assigned to the case.

  • Perform light housekeeping duties, which facilitate client self-care in the home setting such as making the client's bed, washing the client's laundry, washing the client's dishes, and/or cleaning the client's bathtub/shower/toilet after use.

  • They may provide transportation to Medical Appointments, according to the payer source guidelines and policy.

  • Our Home Health Aides participate in monthly staff in-service/training to stay current with procedures, regulations, and care standards.

  • Our Home Health Aides follow a written care plan that addresses the specific needs of the client's determined during their functional assessments, and written in conjunction with the client and/or family, Registered Nurse assigned to the case, and the  client's Primary Care Physician.


Home Health Aides must perform such services for the client rather than for the other members of the household. They are prohibited by regulation from providing more than very limited general household work that does not directly benefit the client. Our Home Health Aides may provide services only in the clients permanent or temporary home. They may not provide services in a facility such as a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living apartments while using Medicare benefits. Our Home Health Aides may however provide services in assisted living apartments under private pay and other payers according to each payers guidelines and rules. Home Health Aides are prohibited from administering Medication to clients, as well as care that is not within there scope of practice.

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