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We offer a wide range of home health assistance, to help you or a loved one remain home as a viable option to Institutional care
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Skilled Nurse

At New Horizons we have both Registered Nurses as well as Licensed Practical Nurses to help you or a loved one meet medical needs.

 Registered Nurses:


  • Perform physical exams and client assessments to identify and address health problems and patient care needs.

  • Develop comprehensive care plans and performs nursing interventions

    • bereavement counseling

    • ostomy care

  • Perform medical treatments as ordered by a physician, such as:

    • medication set up and administration

    • wound care and sterile dressing changes

    • urinary catheterizations

    • oral or tracheal suctioning

    • ventilator care

  • Provide health teaching and emotional support to help clients and their families adjust to or manage serious or chronic illnesses or injuries.

  • Supervise care delivered by other health care personnel, such as:

    • licensed practical nurses

    • home health aides

    • companion homemakers

  • Work with physicians, and other health care practitioners to ensure that patients receive appropriate, timely, well-coordinated care.

  • Conduct health screenings to detect and address signs of early disease or risk factors for disease and then provide health teaching, speak with the physical, or make referrals, as appropriate.

RNs make nursing assessments and nursing diagnoses, and also plan, implement and evaluate nursing care. RNs do not make medical diagnoses or prescribe medical treatments or drugs.

 Licensed Practical Nurses:


  • Administer most types of medications and immunizations

  • Provide bedside nursing care in the home.

  • Observe, measure, record, and report data relating to a patient’s health status.

    • vitals

    • pain and glucose levels

    • observe how the client looks, acts, and responds to stimuli and reporting their observations

  • Perform clinical procedures, such as:

    • urinary catheterizations

    • oral or tracheal suctioning

    • sterile dressing changes


Regulations do not allow LPNs to determine nursing diagnoses, develop or change nursing care plans, perform triage, or perform any service that the LPN is not personally competent to perform.

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