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Monthly SELF Check-in

Time for a self checkin ✅ This is a person assessment to see where you are, sometimes in the midst of life we can forget to care for ourselves. This is private you do not need to share or answer for anyone else, be honest with yourself 🧡🧡

For the following rate 1-10 (one being worst, 10 being the best) 1. What are your energy levels? 2. How honest are you with yourself? 3. Do you have peace and quiet time? 4. Are you feeling heard and seen? 5. Do you feel accepted and understood? 6. How are your friendships? 7. How is you physical appearance? 8. Do you feel loved and accepted? 9. How is your environment? 10. How is your physical health? 11. How are you feelings and emotional health? 12. How is your organization and simplicity? 13. Are you feeling challenged and stretched? 14. How is your learning and personal health? 15. How is your money/financial health? 16. Do you have a connection to self? 17. Do you take time to relax and pamper yourself?

🔆what surprised you about your answers?

〽️What patterns did you notice?

💠for each question ask yourself and answer: what do I need, what would raise my score here?

🌐what is ONE step you can take this week to improve your score and take better care of yourself?

🆘 do you need help? Please never feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out and ask for help, there are many hotlines available to help you in whatever situation you’re in. depression, suicide, drug or alcohol addition, and more. Asking for help is NEVER a weakness, it shows great strength.

You are not your situation, you are not the sum total of your mistakes. No matter what you’ve done, or where you are there is hope.

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